I hope you somehow found time to watch the President’s news conference yesterday.  This is really consequential stuff, so if you have doubts about the deal, you should watch.  And perhaps this relatively short take from Zbigniew Brzezinski (“I am impressed, encouraged  by the deal“) who has a choice word or two about Mr. Netanyahu.

But really: as important as this is to our country and the world, take an hour to watch the President and underdstand it.  I think you will be encouraged.


Yikes.  Down to 35 cents from its brief spike to $2 in January, as reported here.  This, despite FDA approval of its therapy for the morbidly obese.  I bought more yesterday, but only with (yet more) money I can truly afford to lose.  I’ll wait 31 days and sell the earlier shares for a nice fat tax loss . . . hoping that a year or two from now the shares might — might — be back over a buck.



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