Yesterday I urged you to find time to watch the President’s news conference.  (And offered this relatively short take from Zbigniew Brzezinski, characterizing Israel’s Mr. Netanyahu as “not a serious person.”)

Jerry:  “I rarely watch these things but once I started, couldn’t help but take in the entire hour’s press conference with great pride and admiration.  We are indeed fortunate to have such a leader.”

Sara:  “I so appreciated the link to the analysis by Zbigniew Brzezinski on the Iran deal.”

Really: there could be thunderstorms this weekend!  If not, you could get sun poisoning!  Or stung by something.  Come inside for an hour and become a little bit expert in what the President’s team have worked more than a year, in cooperation with five other nations, to achieve.

Here‘s the British ambassador: the deal “makes the world a safer place.”

Here‘s Roger Cohen in the New York Times: “a remarkable American diplomatic achievement.”

It’s okay to be relieved.  It’s okay to be enthusiastic.  It’s okay to be proud.

I am.




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