Have you toured the new KGB Espionage Museum down on West 14th Street?  I just did — sort of — via Russ Baker’s report.

Remember when the KGB was our enemy?

Steve Israel writes in The Hill:

. . . But if there is one damning conclusion of the Mueller report that ought to unite the left and the right it is this:

Russia meddled in our democracy.

The summary by President Trump’s own appointed attorney general reflects that the Mueller investigation has laid-out a clear and comprehensive case of such Russian meddling. That case has been backed up by multiple indictments.

President Trump has said that “it is a shame that our country had to go through this. It’s a shame that your president has had to go through this.”

No, Mr. President. The Mueller investigation revealed that a strong adversary opposed to our strength and influence in the world did, in fact, embark on a massive effort to sway our presidential election.

The job of a president is to protect and defend the Constitution, not to complain about the inconvenience of it all. . . .

Have you got an iPhone?  Here are some tips. (Mark Jansen already shared his hold-down-the-space-bar-to-turn-the-keyboard-into-a-trackpad tip.  These are more extensive.)

And this point of personal privilege:  My dad, who died in 1983, would have turned 100 today.  A man of exceptional talent and integrity.  How lucky were my brother and I to have had such amazing, loving parents.  And what a century it has been.  I wish he’d gotten to see a lot more of it.



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