Mine came today. So far, so awesome. Here’s the official site and here’s Walt Mossberg’s review. (“I have been trying out the ThunderBolt and I have found it to be a speed demon. Simply put, when used on Verizon’s LTE network—which isn’t yet available everywhere—the ThunderBolt delivered by far the fastest cellular data speeds I have ever experienced on a wireless phone. In my tests, it blew away not only common 3G phone speeds, but the 4G speeds offered by rival carriers. In fact, it was faster than many home land-line Internet connections.”)

I don’t own a car, so I splurge on phones: a Blackberry (used mainly for email); an iPhone 3GS (I skipped the 4 but will be interested to see what the 5, rumored to be coming in June, offers); and now this marvel.


John Firestone: “I just happened to attend a presentation on the Triangle Factory Fire last night hosted by the Cornell University Libraries (where I spent much of my time at college). Their site on the fire (started in 1995 as a student project) received 30 million hits last year. It is very popular with students and experts alike – essential for anyone wishing to know more about the fire, the parties and the historical context (and it commemorates all 146 victims by name and gives a brief background for each). Take a look.”


Maine’s new Republican governor thinks a mural celebrating workers has no place at the Department of Labor.

Sarah J.: “Frances Perkins has a meeting room named after her at the Department of Labor in Maine. If you haven’t seen it, take a look at this from yesterday’s New York Times: Mural of Maine’s Workers Becomes Political Target. Thank you for writing on Ms. Perkins. She’s an important part of our history.”


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