A praytheist is an atheist who prays anyway.

I am one.

And I love Jesus.

I’m quite sure he never walked on water; but equally sure he preached love, justice, and compassion, which may be even more terrific.

So I’m praytheing that everyone who cares about love, justice, and compassion will vote today* . . .

. . . and for the party that is — generally speaking — for the needy, not the greedy . . . the struggling middle class, not the idle rich (not that I have anything against the idle rich, for one of whom I could reasonably be mistaken) . . . the gentle, not the violent . . . the embracing, not the intolerant.

For hope, not fear.

For “the people,” not the powerful.

For tikkun olam. (Jesus was, after all, Jewish.)

Whichever party you think that is.


Scroll down.



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Okay, okay.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s not the Republicans.  There are loads of wonderful, compassionate Republicans — I know a ton of them.  But even many of them are voting Democrat today.

*Roger Angell — at 98! — makes a compelling case for that.


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