Behold! The magnificent pomegranate. Its icy rubies are a treat too many have never even experienced. If this is you, hie thee to the produce department! Thence to your refrigerator! Thence, after a suitable cooling off period, to your first experience trying to remove the seeds! (Unless, that is, you can hie yourself to a Korean market in New York that – wonder of $4.98-cent-a-tray wonders – has done all the work for you.) Thence, at last, and worth it, to enjoy – pondering, as you mash the succulence twixt teeth and tongue, whether to ingest or discard the mealy seed cores that remain. (It’s okay to do either.) Hey, it’s Christmas Eve. Live it up. If you can, find a camel and a palm tree to complete the scene. And if you get the hang of it, consider ice cold pomegranate seeds with your champagne for New Year’s Eve.

Behold!! Looking for Handel’s Messiah tomorrow? Check this site any time to see what’s playing – free, through your computer speakers – anywhere in the world. Okay, okay, so I’ve only been to the opera once in my life, if you don’t count Tommy and Sweeney Todd, and am not rushing to go back. But this! This is so easy! And who cannot enjoy Aida in the comfort of his own recliner?

Behold! PCG, suggested here February 3, has doubled! And stodgy old PCL, suggested here August 15, is up 14%! O, joy! And look at this! Borealis isn’t zero yet, either!

I am just filled with holiday spirit and hope you are, too.

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