1. Do you have to work today? Take the rest of the day off – just absquatulate if you have to – and go see Love Actually. Much better than any stock tip I could offer.

(Santa brought me a dictionary of ‘weird and wondrous words.’ Absquatulate.)

2. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (all extremely repulsive to contemplate), but here, thanks to Jim and Melissa Skinnell, reacting to Wednesday’s column, is the way to skin a pomegranate.

3. Mark Kennet: ‘I’ll see your pomegranate and raise you one cherimoya. As anyone who has had the good fortune to spend any time in South America knows, this fruit is like a rich ice cream that grows on a tree. It is almost enough to overcome the despair over the political situation.’

☞ Don’t despair – click here.


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