Okay, so we won the House, which was the main thing.

Like a pass/fail course (or the bar exam, for you elitist snobs) — we passed.

There were bonuses, too.  We flipped 7 governorships!  We flipped 6 state legislative chambers!  We broke 4 Republican supermajorities!  We flipped 4 attorneys general!

I don’t want to talk about the heartbreaks because, even with the happy gene, I have to say they make me really, really sad.

What I do want to say is: we got the job done and are now halfway there.

Two years from now, once we register many of the million-plus Floridians whose voting rights Tuesday’s election restored, we will win Florida.

Two years from now, with a “map” as grossly unfavorable to their side as it was this time to ours, we will win the Senate.

Two years from now, with an electorate that already favored the Democratic nominee by millions of votes even with Putin’s thumb on the scale — and that favored Democrats by an even wider margin Tuesday — we will win the White House.

At which point, despite lots of opposition we can expect from our friends in the other party (perhaps even principled this time), we will be able to restore civility and steer our wonderful country back onto the highway of progress.

If you think it would be nuts to lay off our hundreds of field organizers this week — if you’d rather see them keep building straight through to November of 2020 — click here.



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