But before I get to that, a few other things . . .

First (in case you own it):

GLDD: Momentum Builds. Well — finally.  I’ve written about this every so often for ever.  Like here in 2006, when GLDD was ALBA warrants with a different symbol.  (We actually made good money on those warrants.)  And here, last month, when it finally seemed to be stirring.  I don’t know where it’s headed, obviously — click that link to read one hopeful analysis — but sold a little at $7.20 yesterday on the theory that cash could be a good thing to have as we go forward and even better opportunities present themselves.

Second (Sunday is Veterans Day):

Thanks to our veterans.  Before the election, I sent 25 hand-addressed letters (I hate addressing letters) to folks I don’t know in places like Surprise, Arizona.  They were semi-form letters, but in the space left for me to hand-write why I vote in every election, I wrote: “Well, for the kids, of course — their whole world is at stake.  But also because I never had to serve in Vietnam or Iraq — it seems to me voting is the least I can do for my country.”

Hats off to the veterans who have done so much more.

Third (talk about your fresh faces):

Andrew Yang is running for President.  You met him here last month when I plugged his bookSpend nine minutes watching Wednesday’s interview and I think you’ll be intrigued.  His actually becoming president may be even less likely than some black dude middle-named Hussein.  But I think — and hope — the chances of his being on the debate stage along with other fine Democrats are good.

His ideas cry out for a national conversation.

Fourth (oh, not this again!):

Bush v. Gore may have been stolen even worse than I thought.  The 2018 Broward ballot design seems to have been just stupid.  But STOLEN FUTURE, more of a pamphlet than a book, suggests an ingenious plot in 2000 to produce ballots that required more force to punch through for Gore than for Bush. (And you’ll never guess who owned the company that supplied the ballots.)

It sounds fantastical at first.  But a quick reading of all the legwork Stephen Singular did suggests otherwise – that it should be taken seriously and looked into.

And finally (from reader John E.):

“What the hell is wrong with the Democratic party?  If we can’t pull off a bigger victory with the biggest a–hole in American history at the helm and all the positive things the Democrats stand for, something is definitely wrong.  The system is broken.  I am done with politics. Over and out.”

To which I responded:

John —

You are playing right into Trump’s hands.  I trust you will reconsider.

We won by a wide margin in the popular vote, flipped the House, flipped at least 7 governorships, flipped 7 state legislative chambers, 4 state attorneys general, and more — but yes, largely because of gerrymandering (but also because Trump has betrayed the country and his obligation to tell the truth), we didn’t do even better.

The solution – as I know you know – is not to give UP, but rather to give MORE, whether in time and effort or (for those who can) resources.

So, as they say, “I don’t accept your resignation.”

Rather, I am buying you a good bottle of something (at least metaphorically), sharing your frustration, thanking you for your passion . . . and urging you to redouble your efforts so we can take another big step 24 months from now.  (I’d say “so we can finish the job,” but of course the job is never finished.)

Don’t hate me for taking your email so seriously.


Have a great weekend.  We live in interesting times.  Putin is winning — but on Tuesday, we regained some ground.



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