Let’s start with two relatively small differences:

1. All politicians stretch the truth — but Trump made six times as many false or misleading statements in his first 10 months as Obama did in all eight years.  Different — no?

2. Classified documents were found at both residences — but Biden’s relative handful (there by mistake; none in his desk drawer) were returned the minute his people found them.  Biden never lied about them or fought their return.  Different — no?

Now here’s the giant, glaring, gaping one:

3. Both parties have extremists — but those on the left are less extreme, relatively few, and none of them in key leadership roles.  On the right, they are the majority (well over half voting not to certify the 2020 election) and set the agenda.

Their party is controlled by extremists.

(Bring back the good old days when it was controlled by the wealthy and corporations!  Or even the good old days of Barry Goldwater.)

Yet they’ve been highly effective at portraying the views of a tiny few as “the Democratic agenda.”

For example:  Only a tiny few Democrats actually want to “defund the police.” In reality, Biden and Congressional Democrats and Democratic mayors and governors are all about increasing police funding . . . while making needed reforms.  (Can anyone favor instances of police brutality?  Favor killing unarmed men as they are running away?  Favor sending police, unassisted, to handle mental health issues?)

And consider a fourth colossal difference — what the extremes want:  

> On the left, “The Squad” want things like Medicare for all.  You may oppose it, or believe we can’t afford it (somehow, every one of our industrialized allies can); but is it pernicious to want everyone to have access to decent health care?  Or to want workers to be paid a living wage?  Or to want to keep Earth habitable for future generations?

> On the right, those who wrested effective control of the House from Kevin McCarthy favor 18-year-olds’ being allowed to buy assault weapons without universal background checks; oppose a higher minimum for the working poor; favor government control of women’s bodies even in cases of rape or incest; oppose funding IRS enforcement of tax law on billionaires; oppose citizenship for DACA kids; oppose capping the price of Insulin . . . and more.

I think those positions are pernicious.

They have me seeing red — and voting blue.

Have a great weekend.


Matt Gaetz, sitting in for Steve Bannon, interviews his colleague George Santos.



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