Seeing Nancy Pelosi happy — Nancy Pelosi: Liberated, And Loving It— makes me really happy.

So well deserved.

Seeing Putin fail so miserably — despite being smart (and more trustworthy than the FBI) — makes me really happy, too.

Will PRKR make me happy?

The first of ParkerVision’s two patent suits against Intel is set to begin to go trial two weeks from today.

The pre-trial conference was held in person before the judge Thursday, took the full day, and is expected to wrap up via Zoom Tuesday.

Yet more delays are always possible, as is the possibility the jury will find for Intel.

I’m prepared to lose every dime.

But it’s also possible the jury will award PRKR a couple of hundred million dollars and that the judge will use his authority to as much as treble the damages.

Intel, seeing this — and knowing that the second case will be coming before the same judge later in the year — might offer an acceptable settlement.  Or else PRKR might buy judgement preservation insurance to lock in the result (albeit at a steep premium).  Either way, they would have the funds to do two things:

> Continue their appeal of the huge Qualcomm case (which a Florida judge wrongly decided not to let a jury hear).

> Get back into the business of licensing amazing wireless technology.

Closing at 37 cents Friday, the company was valued at around $35 million.   Could it one day be valued ten times higher?  Or even higher still?

I’m having fun imaging that, while counting not even a single chicken.

Have a great week!

And hats off to Nancy Pelosi.



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