The first time I ever heard about GEICO, was 1973. Funny name for an auto insurance company. But my estimable editor at NEW YORK Magazine — a magazine published for people who by and large don’t own cars, because they live in New York, where you’re crazy to own a car — told me to check into them anyway.

I’ve been recommending GEICO (along with a few others) ever since.

For reasons too boring to inflict, I have not, however, until now, been using GEICO myself. On Easter Sunday, having just seen their TV ad urging a 15-minute phone call to see how much you could save, I gave it a shot.

Who’s at work on Easter Sunday?

Well, GEICO was, and in fine spirits, and in 15 minutes I had knocked 34% off the cost of my auto insurance for the exact same coverage I’d been getting previously. A saving of $482 a year.

You may not do as well. But 15 minutes? That number again: 800-841-3000.

Tomorrow: Jackie — Oh, What Prices!


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