Earth Day has come and gone, and what did you do about it? Me, too.

But here’s something you can do:

Step #1: Grab a copy of the April Atlantic Monthly at your library, or if you can still find one at the newsstand.

Step #2: Read the article by two Energy Department deputies called “Mideast Oil Forever?”

Step #3: Send copies to your Senators and Representative with letters urging them not to sacrifice our long-term well-being for short-sighted, short-term gain.

The article makes a strong case that, while not all alternative energy projects make sense, to be sure, we’re on the verge of throwing away our lead in viable energy solutions that will bring jobs, cleaner air, less dependence on foreign oil, a lower trade deficit, a stronger dollar, and greater prosperity.

Not all government programs are good, by any means. But neither are they all bad.

Tomorrow: GEICO Redux


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