Last Friday, I offered this free voter registration toolkit.

Today, if you run a nonprofit — or know someone who does — this free toolkit.

The former could save our democracy, if enough young people use it to help shape their future.

The latter . . . well, I just look for any way possible to enhance the value of your subscription.  Like American Express platinum, trying to justify the $550 annual fee.  “One $85 TSA pre-check credit every four years!”  That alone is worth $21.25 a year if you remember to use your Amex to renew your pre-check!  (Which lasts 5 years, so really $17 a year.)

Looking for a wonderful movie you may have missed?  Victoria and Abdul.  Saw it on the plane.

Looking for a really nice Athens Hotel, with rooftop bar views of the Acropolis and the best included breakfast you will ever have?  It’s called the Fresh Hotel.

But mainly, in case you missed “60 Minutes,” Sunday, you’ve got to see or read this — “The Problem With Prescription Drug Prices” — and scream bloody murder for as long as it takes to get it fixed.



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