Wouldn’t that be great?  If he had decided to become a DJ in later life — DJ Trump — instead of the greatest danger America and the world have ever faced from the Oval Office?

Oh, well.

But if he hasn’t already resigned (I’m in Greece, so might have missed the news), treat yourself to Frank Rich on Trump Mentor Roy Cohn, who — I’m embarrassed to say — went to my high school (some years ahead of me, though we had some of the same teachers) . . . who was close friends with two of my close friends (“we know, we know — but he’s so funny and throws such great parties and knows so many cute boys!”) . . . and whom I met just once, briefly, with those two friends at a large gay party in Miami (it was uncomfortable).

Oh, God.  How did it ever come to this?

PS – Don’t miss Cohn’s telephone operator’s tidbits in the addendum at the bottom of the story.  Two-sentence anecdotes on people like Gloria Vanderbilt and George Steinbrenner.  Hysterical.



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