A devastating three minutes.


Meanwhile, as you contemplate the health care debate, don’t miss the big picture: Fighting against universal health care is in the Republican DNA. Reagan led the charge; Republican governors — refusing to accept federal Medicaid expansion funds — carry it on to this day.  We are the only first-world country on earth without universal health care.  Maybe it’s not so radical to chart a path to get there.  “Medicare for all who want it” — the public option — would be one such path, as more and more would likely come to choose it.

We should make medical school tuition free so graduating doctors don’t have to earn a fortune just to pay off their debt.  (To pay for that, my personal favorite plan would be: double law school tuition!  Just kidding.  Mostly.)

And we should redirect much of the spending that now goes into bureaucracy and billing and collection and insurance overhead and profit into . . . yes . . . higher pay for the doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare.  (There are about 1 million doctors in the U.S.; and half a million health insurance employees.*)


*Plus hospital billing departments . . . plus the staff whom individual medical practices devote to billing and collection.




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