Days ago, the Republicans blocked bills requiring paper ballots (and FBI notification when a campaign is approached by a foreign entity) . . . despite proof the Russians hacked all 50 of our state election systems in 2016.

The 64,000 Ruble Question: Whom do YOU more trust to have your family’s well-being at heart:

a) the FBI and CIA?

b) Vladimir Putin?

Is there really any more to next year’s election than that?


A May 6 letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer (thanks, Paul!):

Dave Urban’s column (“Trump’s tax cuts are helping Pennsylvania,” April 29) contains deceptive assertions.

Deception No. 1: Middle-class tax payers averaged a $1,169 tax cut. The $1,169 average tax cut cited by Urban is for all taxpayers, not just the middle class. The wealthiest taxpayers received millions, which inflates the “average.”  . . . Many middle-class taxpayers who could not itemize their deductions paid more taxes, not less.

Deception No. 2: President Trump deserves all the credit for rejuvenating the economy. It was President Barack Obama’s economic policies that rescued the economy . . . Urban fails to credit any of the recovery to Obama and the Democrats.

Deception No. 3: Trump’s tax cut will result in 10 years of economic growth. Urban forgets that there is no free lunch. . . . Trump’s tax cut will likely double total federal debt . . . [and the interest we and our kids will have to pay on that debt, which could crush us if rates one day rise to more normal levels — A.T.] The great economist John Maynard Keynes advocated deficit spending only during economic downturns to stimulate the economy . . .

Steven C. Greene, Philadelphia

And speaking of great economists . . .

Steve Baker:  “On June 19 Trump gave Art Laffer a presidential medal for his totally discredited work in economics.  Since the Reagan Administration, Laffer has been arguing that tax cuts pay for themselves.  It didn’t work under the Reagan or Bush administrations, which ran up huge deficits [and it kinda wrecked Kansas], and under Trump we have proof positive. This time they actually reduced the size of the gov’t payroll and are getting all this revenue from the Tariffs, as well as tax revenue from overseas holding of US Corporations (this was included in tax bill) . . . yet with all this, and a strong economy, the deficit is huge.”

→ I’ve condensed Steve’s email but not the main thought:

A medal?  Now?  A pardon might have been more appropriate.

Have a great week-end!



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