Or at least the easier way — by political psychologist Karin Tamerius.  Worth the read.

You might also mention that — despite running close to a $1 trillion deficit to juice the economy (and get more cash into the hands of already-cash-rich corporations that used it to buy back stock and drive their share prices up) — job creation in 2019 was the slowest since 2011.  But that’s not likely to resonate with Trump voters, who know that the true unemployment rate in the last months of the Obama Administration was “as high as 42%” (or so Trump had “heard“).

The truth is, this election will be less about persuasion than TURN-OUT.  So less about advertising than ORGANIZING.  So less about waiting until you see the whites of their eyes (given that people remember the last thing they heard) and more about starting NOW (because the organizing snowball grows largest when it’s given the most time to accumulate volunteers as it rolls downhill).  Have I ever shared this link with you before?

Following up on Monday’s post — Hillary exonerated — here is Rachel Maddow chastising the ordinarily indispensable New York Times.  (Pressed for time?  Skip felon Flynn firing up the Republican Convention with his “lock her up” chant and start five minutes in.)



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