In his new book, Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope, published yesterday — of which you can read a compelling sample here — Nicholas Kristof reports on the crisis that grips much of the country.

There are things we could do about it.

Those things do NOT include: cutting taxes on the rich, rejecting Medicaid expansion, crushing unions, opposing a higher minimum wage, preventing student loan refinancing, or blocking the revitalization of our infrastructure that would put millions to work in good jobs . . . all Republican priorities.

Speaking of despair . . . this progressive grandmother used to admire Lindsey Graham.  Now — thanks to Lindsey — she fears democracy is dead.

And WE have the chance to get all this back on the right track!

A Democratic president working with a Democratic Senate would sign into law the many pro-average-American bills the Democratic-led House passed last year — to lower drug prices, raise wages, extend Medicaid, require universal background checks, require paper ballots, restore net neutrality, reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, and much more.

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