So the President has finally had enough with the Republicans in Congress — who in no way represent the will of the people on so many issues.

Issues like immigration and infrastructure and the minimum wage and universal background checks that could be signed into law today if only they would allow them to come up for a vote.

Here it is: 15 minutes in the Rose Garden.  Watch.

(And here is Rachel Maddow’s take on it and the Congress that has — as a matter of fact, not opinion — done less than any other in history.)

(And here were his remarks at Monday’s sixth annual White House LGBT Pride celebration.  Because, by the way, Congress should pass the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, too.  Most Americans are surprised to learn that in more than half the states you can be fired from your job not simply because you’re black or Italian or a woman or Jewish — that’s all illegal — but because you’re gay.)

But if you’re as pressed for time as I expect you are, just watch the first minute or two of the 15 minutes in the Rose Garden.



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