Listen to Abigail Disney — the two New Yorks, in under two minutes.

But I do think the tax authorities should send thank-you notes, and  — if they give their permission — laud large taxpayers just as colleges do in their reports of annual alumni giving.  Yes, paying taxes is required.  But especially to those who could easily move to another jurisdiction, we should still say thanks.

So excited was I by the prospect of solar roadways that — as thanks for my not entirely insignificant contribution — I have in my kitchen an octagonal solar roadway brick.  It’s in the kitchen because (a) that’s where I open packages and I wasn’t sure where else to put it; (b) the kitchen is where my goose is cooked; (c) it now seems pretty clear solar roadways are not gonna happen.

“Oh, well.”

I’m not a manager and have no boss, so Nine Lies About Work would not ordinarily grab me.  But a good friend’s review and the first few pages drew me in deep enough to suggest it to you.  For all I know, unlike me, you actually do have employees or a boss, and a Human Resources Department somehow connected to your life.



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