I’ve written about them before, but you will SO enjoy this seven-minute update.  Imagine how bright our future can be.

If I ran Exxon, I’d buy Corning and invest billions to own a piece of this fossil-fuel replacing future.  Not running Exxon, I just bought a few shares of Corning  — GLW.  I have no idea whether this is anywhere close to the best way to “play” solar roadways nor whether their initial commercial adoption is three years off or ten.  But it’s pretty hard to watch the video and not get excited . . . or chip something in to the effort, which you can do here.

Tell me this isn’t the coolest time ever to be alive.

(Because sure, it must have been cool to watch electricity roll out, but you could easily die of the flu at the same time . . . and dentistry was excruciating . . .  and boredom was possible!  Remember boredom?  Today — with all the world’s knowledge, music, movies, books, games and people in your pocket — boredom is an impossibility so long as your device is charged.)

It is this kind of bright future — within our grasp but in no way guaranteed if we, as a country and a species, don’t apply a great deal of wisdom and cooperative effort to the onrush of technology — that so many of our fellow citizens died to protect, and whom we remember today.



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