The world may be ending, but Borealis is $4, I have a vague strategy for getting out of computer hell, I got an empty seat next to me on the flight back from Chicago (by moving to the very last row of the plane after they closed the doors), and I found my new Kindle Fire waiting for me when I got home. Within minutes, and for free, I was watching the pilot episode of The Wonder Years, which took just seconds to load. It’s one of 10,000 movies and TV shows free to Amazon Prime members (and who would NOT pay the $79 a year for Amazon Prime’s free delivery?), and one of 18 million movies, books, TV shows, and pieces of music you can buy on the cheap.

The $199 Kindle Fire is smaller (and cheaper) than the iPad2 … and smaller can be good if you’d like to keep your tablet in a wide but not ridiculous pocket.

All in all, pretty cool.


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