Dan Becker: “Regarding your Dashboard Cookie Recipe, here in Austin, Texas, our month of July had 26 out of 31 days with over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! So our local paper ran a recipe for sun-drying Juliet tomatoes. I tried it with grapes, and it worked well also. I guess any sort of fruit would work well. Just put it on the dashboard in the morning, and you have a healthy snack for the ride home in the evening.”

Greg Bandy: “See also Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!

☞ Listen, if it’s going to be this hot, there’s no point making it hotter and wasting energy by firing up your oven. The Huns had a similar notion. They would place slabs of raw meat between their saddles and their horses’ bare backs and “cook” the meat in the course of a long ride. I know this because when I was 12 I wrote a book about Attila (properly pronounced AT-ill-a, by the way). It began, “Like demons out of hell they came [riding down upon the Romans] . . .” and ended when my parents decided completing it would take too much time away from my studies and hurt my chances of getting into a good college. “Oh, please,” I said, rolling my pre-teen eyes. “They’re going to reject me because my grades suffered, but I wrote a book?” We’ll never know who was right or whether I would have found a publisher (in hindsight, I think not); but I did learn a lot about barbarians.


My guess is that this is overstated – “If you ever really need your health insurance policy, you have less than even odds that the insurance company will actually pay for your health care.” – but my guess is also that it’s closer to the truth than the insurance companies would have us think.


James Musters:This newsletter does for health reporting what Dean Baker does for economic reporting, or Media Matters does for political reporting.”


Take 30 seconds to watch the opposition.


Find an event near you.


Hey – look at that. MYM for DOS, orphaned 15 years ago, has its own web page. With its own forum. You can only reach it though on a dial-up modem using 5-1/4 inch floppy disks. (Just kidding.) I have nothing to do with it, but am happy to see MYM still kicking.

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