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Todd Jennings: “My father-in-law, a big-time salmon fisherman on his annual trips to Alaska, taught me about wrapping the big fish in aluminum foil, then running them through two cycles of the dishwasher to poach them. I loved the 3×5 card he wrote for me back in the 1970’s: ‘Wrap fish, put in dishwasher, run one cycle, turn fish over, run for another cycle. DO NOT USE DETERGENT!'”

Charley Kneifel: “Speaking of ‘cooking like a guy’ — I have a book by Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller titled Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine.

R. J. Kirsch: “Another interesting (and funny) cookbook for guys: The Kitchenless Cookbook, by Suanne Beverly.


1. Buy a big bag of ready-to-serve salad. Being rather sophisticated, I prefer the “romaine” kind that has a variety of greens. But there’s nothing wrong with the iceberg/carrots/cabbage kind, either.

2. Dump into a big plastic bowl. Or not; but Tupperware is hard to beat when it comes to elegance and versatility.

3. Douse with soy sauce. Soy sauce should be bought in bulk, as it is an indispensable member of the Salt family and complements any fine meal.

4. Douse with olive oil. In an earlier era, it would have been “drizzle” with olive oil, but that all changed when I saw on the “Today Show” that olive oil actually improves the ratio of your bad and good cholesterol, and has all sorts of other pleasing side effects, such as getting you to enjoy salad in the first place, and improving your Italian.

5. Toss. This is best accomplished with clean hands or two forks.

That’s it. And it’s actually less involved than it sounds.

Hint: No need to clean the plastic container! Assuming you only were able to fit half the bag of salad into the container (leaving “tossing” room – you can’t fill it too full), now you can dump the remaining half into the same container and clamp on its Tupper-lid. Sure, the salad at the bottom will get a little soy/oil onto it, but why not? That’s the best part. Just put it back in the refrigerator until tomorrow, when you repeat steps #3-#5.

Gracious dining tip: Sure, you can eat at six-thirty and have your salad before the entrée. But if you want to dine, you would sit down to the TV at eight o’clock — at the earliest — and have your salad after the entrée.

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