Pulling out of TPP, as Trump just did, is a huge win for China, a major, major loss for us.  Fareed Zakaria explains why, here. Maybe there’s still some way to rescue this, but I don’t see how.

Talk about self-inflicted wounds!

(Had Hillary won, I think she would have extracted exactly the sort of face-saving improvements Fareed describes and then seen President Obama’s extraordinary accomplishment through to fruition.  Take at least the first couple of minutes to watch.)

And speaking of President Obama’s accomplishments, take 16 minutes to be immensely proud of your country and our immediate past President. I’m trying to get the transcript to print and frame.

The Dutch are among the world’s citizens trying to make sense of what’s happened. I think they inherited the happy gene, too, because they had some fun with it — here (four minutes).



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