But first: Jason Kander on Trump’s millions-of-illegal-voters fantasy. Four minutes. Watch!

And Frank Bruni’s goes-without-saying-but-glad-he-said-it-anyway how NOT to go after Trump. (“There’s so much substantive ground on which to confront Trump. There are acres upon acres. Why swerve into the gutter?”)

And now . . .

Joey:  “Companies have found a way to keep consumers from price comparing. Lenovo (largest PC seller) makes the SAME model for Best Buy, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc., but gives them each a slightly different model number. Lenovo also sells the same unit on its own website with a slightly different model number. The one character difference in model numbers is probably a code indicating which store is selling it. So, not only can’t you price compare, but you can’t get a refund from your credit card company for the difference even if you have ‘price match’ on your credit card.  I’m attaching a short chat with Lenovo where they state that the models are EXACTLY the same.  I gave it to Citibank because my top-of-the-line card has price match, but Citi’s self-owned insurer won’t match because the model numbers are different.  Do insurers ever pay out on anything?”

Me: Your model is 80VF00A8US.  Best Buy is 80VF00AYUS.

Sales Rep: its the same.

Me: Is it EXACTLY the same?

Sales Rep: yes


Sales Rep: yes

Me: No difference whatsoever?

Sales Rep: no

Joey paid $1,899 plus tax at Best Buy; he showed Citibank the receipt — and a screenshot of Lenovo’s website offering the same unit for $1,649 — to no avail.

“Shop around.”



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