I know cash has gone out of style — who wants something safe that pays you interest when you can have something that doubles and splits, doubles and splits, doubles and splits? But for that grandmother of yours who lived through the Depression and fails to understand, Bill Nagler offers this helpful link: “ scans the nation’s banks for the best money market and CD rates,” he writes. “I picked up an extra .4% compared with what I was earning in the best money market fund Schwab offers.”


From Gilman Miller: “Thanks to your column I just ordered an in-stock out-of-print book from Powell’s online for $10. Amazon took a couple months to even find a copy of this book and then wanted $20 or $25 for it — too expensive.”

A.T.: Well, Amazon is pretty great, too. But the nice thing about is that you’ll often know right away if they have the book you want.

And from Alan Rogowsky: “Have you ever tried: It’s a network of booksellers around the world. I recently found some old sci-fi paperbacks (the ‘Pelbar Cycle’) WAY out of print that I had been looking for everywhere — at a bookseller in Nova Scotia! And you can COMPARISON shop on prices! Very cooool.”


Gilbert Walker notes that, in rearranging the letters of my name, I missed this anagram: BIAS AND WROTE. Hmmm.



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