Have you ever considered all the anagrams you can get from your name? Today is my birthday, so I got to thinking about myself (me, me, me, me, me) and before you knew it, I had rearranged myself into quite a few anagrams, most of which were nonsense:

Be a tin sword
A snow bar diet

A couple were vaguely Schwarzeneggerian:

Sweat bod rain
Brawn site ado

A couple were almost uncannily financial:

To end IRA swab
Eat no bid wars

One struck me as Yeltsonian (if your Duma’s acting up, just dissolve it):

Sit a new board

One, I felt, was just completely unfair:

I rob and waste

And one was more or less 100% on target:

Said and wrote

— or was until I realized I would have to spell “said” with a “b.” Saib and wrote.

If today is your birthday, or someone else’s is upcoming and you need a little help with a clever card, visit www.genius2000.com/anagram. Though it’s not instant (they e-mail you the results), it’s easy and free. And fun. An anagram they suggest for President Boris Yeltsin: Endless Insobriety Trip.



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