The Simpsons movie has slipped from 9 stars to 8.7, while SiCKO remains firm – and out-starring anything else – at 8.5.

I think you’ll enjoy them both. (And don’t miss Hairspray. Lots of fun.)


So, you can’t drink diet soda any more if you care about your health (according to this) and you can’t drink bottled water any more if you care about your planet (according to this) . . . so all that’s really left is Honest Tea. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Peach Oo-La-Long.* (And it may even be good for you.)

*As long-time readers know, I get a millionth of a cent for every sip you take. Drink up.


Rob Biniaz: ‘We may have to wait some time for the practical application of Richard Factor’s ‘nuclear option‘ for heating pools, but here‘s a method I stumbled across that also converts an unwanted heat source into warmer swimming water.’

☞ Well, it sounds kinda silly and kinda brilliant at the same time: run the pool water through your attic. Heats the pool, cools the attic. Hmmm.

Beth:Solar covers also (1) minimize evaporation, saving gallons of water and (2) keep leaves and other debris out of the pool.’

☞ And it’s not either/or. You could have an $89 pool cover and a SolarAttic pool heater and boil eggs in your pool.


Charles went to his back surgeon in debilitating pain last month and his back surgeon told him to go for an MRI so they could see what was happening and Charles’s assistant called his health insurer to get prior approval for the MRI but the health insurer said it would take three days to get approval so (did I mention Charles was in debilitating pain?) Charles got it anyway, at a cost of $2,480, which the health insurer will not pay because it was unapproved.

It’s a good system.

H: ‘Why is PNHP not mentioned on your site or by Michael Moore? They are physicians for a single-payer system.’

☞ Because the current system is so good?

Doug Jones: ‘One of your old columns has only a little to do with healthcare, but I think it is relevant. I’m talking about the November 15, 2000, column entitled ‘Views from Abroad.’ It got me thinking so much seven years ago that I printed it out and STILL know where it is today.’

☞ Please note: Like all the best stuff in this space, the column was written by one of you, not me.

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