At least on an operating basis, if not at resale, you’d be wise – and environmentally correct – to fill it in and grow vegetables or bamboo in it. This is triply true if you’re one of those plutocrats who heats his pool.

But you like your pool and you’re not going to turn it into a cabbage patch (I let Charles turn our hot tub into a planter, but drew the line at the pool), so I want to remind you of the virtues of a solar pool blanket. Basically, a big sheet of bubble wrap that lets the sun’s rays in during the day and keeps heat from escaping at night.

It costs less than $100 delivered to your door (especially if you buy now, while on sale) . . . should last two or three seasons with reasonable care (after which you’ll have an endless supply of shreds to pack your outgoing eBay shipments) . . . and raises the temperature of the pool ten degrees – which means not having to heat it and/or extends the swimmable season by two or three weeks at each end.


According to this report in the Guardian, Cheney seems to be gaining ground.


Oh, not that again.

But before you rule it in or rule it out, you’ll want to watch* or read the transcript of Bill Moyers’ interview with conservative constitutional scholar Bruce Fein, who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Clinton. Everybody’s talking about it.

In a society more horrified by sex than violence (you don’t see X ratings for explicit violence), it may make sense that lying about sex is impeachable where lying to start a war is not. But read the transcript and let me know what you think.

*Only the (excellent) Intro shows up from that link. Then click here for Part 1 of the discussion and here for Part 2.


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