Rick Thompson:  “Regarding yesterday’s column, the real elephant (well, actually cow, pig and chicken) in the room is meat.  According to a University of Chicago study, if Americans reduced their meat consumption by only 20 percent it would be as if everyone in the nation switched from a standard sedan to an ultra-efficient hybrid.  Each person who goes vegetarian saves three acres of land, 2,700 pounds of soil from erosion, and saves 95,000 gallons of water every year, year after year.  Every American who switches from a typical U.S. diet to a vegan diet reduces his or her consumption of fossil fuels by over 80 percent, cutting his or her carbon emissions by 3,000 pounds annually.  Truly, we cannot go on meating like this!”

☞  I’m eating nothing but artichokes, tomatoes, and blueberries for the next three months. Seriously, Dude: this is huge. We need to take it more seriously.


Less Antman:  “I’ve changed web sites, and Ask Less is now in blog form.  I’ve been getting virtually no questions for quite a while, since you’ve driven away all the financial traffic with your political tirades [here, Mr. Antman inserts a wry emoticon], so I figured a blog would be more useful.   I’ll still answer questions sent to, but just do it on the blog.  I’ve started a do-it-yourself personal finance course and am posting new entries at the rate of about one a week.”


Guru tells me he got out at $19.  That doesn’t mean it may not still be bought out at $25 or more.  Just that no one ever went broke selling at $18.50 (last night’s close) a stock they bought at $7.10 ten weeks earlier, so I, too, have sold a good chunk of mine.  Thanks, Guru!

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