Flynn, Stone, Bannon, Prince — and could we throw in Stephen Miller, Giuliani, Josh Hawley, and a few hundred others?

How about the Former Guy himself if it turns out he willfully stalled the defense of the Capitol and cheered the attackers on?

By Greg Olear. Must read.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry — and if you happen to know Merrick Garland, you’ll forward it for his consideration.


FAA’s New Grants Would Electrify Airports.  Not directly tied to WheelTug . . . but sets a nice tone.


Back in May, I suggested a flier on oats.

It didn’t work out.

But compared to most of my losers, this one was terrific: last week, we got all our money back. (Check your credit card statement, and you should see the refund.)  To the company’s credit, they decided not to move forward with less capital than would have been needed to give us the best chance of success.  They swallowed all their expenses and losses so we’d be made whole.  Classy.



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