He could walk down Fifth Avenue shooting people and no one would mind because, thanks to him, we’ll soon have great health care at a “tiny fraction” of the cost.  Like 10% of what we used to pay.

Sure he doesn’t pay income tax (though he did in 2005), and sure we’ll never see the returns he promised “absolutely” to disclose if he ran for president.  He can do pretty much anything he wants — if he’s remembered his Tic-Tacs — because the country is a mess, and he alone can fix it.

The deals he makes!  The lies he tells!  Mexico is paying for the wall!  The Saudis are buying $110 billion in American-made weapons!  (Well, no, actually, interestingly. they’re not).

And so what if he makes money off charitable events meant to benefit kids with cancer?  Click the link.  Not that you’ll be surprised.  For any other president, something like this would dominate the news.  Look what a $30,000 tax shelter called “Whitewater” did.  For Trump, there are five of these stories a day.

One of the kids at our summer camp had six toes on one foot, which — being horrible little kids — is pretty much all we focused on.  But imagine if we all had twelve fingers and toes.  Bye bye, base 10, hello base 12.

This is probably not how the creators of 12 x 12 x 12 had hoped I’d lead into my plug for their site, and someday if you’re unlucky I’ll expound further on the way we are genetically programmed to eschew “difference” — six toes on one foot!  It’s all we could focus on.  But for now, I give you 12 x 12 x 12.

Valerie C.: “I LOVE 12 x 12 x 12 … such a great idea. I loved choosing a cause close to my heart. Never had that experience before.”

12by12by12(SM) is a tool designed to give concerned people an opportunity to create hope and optimism during this time of turmoil and anxiety.

Here’s how it works: On the 12th of each month we will highlight one of the 12 important issue areas that are fundamental to the values upon which our country was founded. We’ll work to link you to multiple nonprofit organizations dedicated to that issue. And our portal will have constant access at all times to dozens of organizations working across all 12 issue areas.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn about organizations that are new to you and to support those groups working on the issues that touch your heart.

Someone paid $1.9 million for this guitar.  What am I bid for a guitar hand-painted by Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul & Mary?  Seriously: if want to support the Democratic Party, what am I bid?  Me-mail me if you’d like to hear more.  Or want to buy it to auction off for your charity or cause?



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