I did, Saturday.

There’s Terrific News About the New Covid Boosters, but Few Are Hearing It


Six miles, Saturday.  (And I’m from New York.  I don’t amble. I don’t stroll. I walk.  Listening, Saturday, at 1,4 speed, to the audio equivalent of “page-turning” Empire of Pain.)

People Who Do This One Thing Every Day Have Half the Dementia Risk That the Rest of Us Do

Meanwhile, people who do 5 minutes of BrainHQ every day, or 15 minutes a week, may never have to worry about this at all.  Do we owe it to those who would be our caregivers to spare them this crushing future?


Even Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post is beginning to see how dangerous Trump is.

And all those who vote with him, whether to block impeachment or to block investigation or to block voting rights — we can’t let them regain control of Congress.  Combined with their ill-gained control of the Supreme Court, it could well doom our democracy.  Seriously.  For real.  No joke.

Have you joined your local chapter of the League of Women Voters?
Joined Field Team 6?
Joined Vote Forward?

How about these?

NextGen America: Register and engage young voters.
Midterm Madness: Get involved in local and state-wide races.
Swing Left: Attend a Volunteer Orientation.
Sister District: Help win state legislative races.
Power the Polls: Become a poll worker to help elections run smoothly.
Protect the Vote: Serve as a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer.

All those take time and effort.

This one takes under two minutes — but some sacrifice.



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