I keep coming back to BrainHq partly because I want to get rich enough to be able to quit writing this column and retire* . . .

. . . and partly because if I don’t quit writing it, I don’t want to lose your readership to dementia — the chances of your becoming afflicted with which 10 years from now are apparently reduced 48% with just 14 hours of exercise (so perhaps 90% with 14 hours a year).

TIME just named BrainHQ to its list of 2016 scientific discoveries.  Tom Brady, as you know, swears by it.  And old folks will have fewer car crashes if they use it (according to at least one insurance company study).

You can watch a four-minute summary of it here on “The Today Show.”

It’s free to try.

Get to work!

Meanwhile, is this piece in The Atlantic by a former George W. Bush speechwriter all hokum? Or could there be something to it?  What do you think?

*I own a sliver of BrainHq.



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