A friend has become an amateur apiarist and sent 180 of his closest friends a jar of his first-ever harvest, along with a charming holiday letter. (“Raising bees, at least on the small scale we did this year, is easier than you might think. The bees do all the really hard work.”)

With the jar came a little note advising that if the honey had begun to crystallize – it hadn’t – we need only remove the metal lid and microwave for 30 seconds.

You’re kidding me! Does that really work? I’ll bet you have an old jar of honey in the back of your cupboard (do you have a cupboard? this whole thing is sounding less and less guy-like) and I’ll bet you’d be throwing it away once you found it, because it got all crystalline. And now we may just have rescued it for you. So there’s another $3 you picked up from this web site. I hope you’re keeping score.


Not only does Yummy deliver your choice of Chinese or Japanese; their fortune cookies are crisp and provocative. I’m still thinking about the “you will succeed someday” fortune I got last week (a reference to Borealis?). And last night, with my miso soup and mushrooms-three-ways, I got: “Happiness isn’t in having what you want but rather in wanting what you have.”

Deep! (At least for a fortune cookie.)


I saw this test highlighted on Andrew Sullivan’s site and, surprise, surprise, I am more liberal than he is. (On a scale from 0 to 40, where 40 is Genghis Khan, Andrew says he’s 26 and this Andrew seems to be around 13.) But it’s really an annoying questionnaire, because of the “have you or have you not stopped beating your wife” nature of the questions. E.g.:

21. As a society, we should spend more money trying to find a cure for AIDS than for cancer and heart disease because AIDS threatens younger people.

☑ Agree ☐ Disagree

Well, no, we should spend more on AIDS because it’s . . . contagious.

(But, yes, maybe also because it kills younger people.)


Roger: “If you are Andrew, why do you write the posts as if you were F.?”

☞ What you see as an F my browser displays as a pointing forefinger. I get an F in keeping my website techno-currant. (Speaking of which, the photo at upper left was taken in 1953.)

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