I’m saving the video to the end, but – especially if you’ve not seen Jon Stewart’s fake news show – I hope you’ll find three minutes to watch it.

But first . . .


Robert Gould: ‘As an attorney in Seattle I have been privileged to appear on behalf of clients a number of times in cases tried before Judge Downing or in his courtroom. I have read his decision. I am an active, married heterosexual. His decision [upholding the right of same-sex couples to civil marriage, from which you quoted yesterday] is a beacon of clarity, reason and logic. Everyone should read his well crafted, thoughtful and almost lyrical decision.’


Leroy Beeby: ‘The former [RNC chair you wrote of yesterday was also] governor of Montana and spearheaded energy deregulation here. That led to higher prices for consumers, the bankrupting of utilities, and the loss of millions of dollars in pensions and assets of people who bought a ‘stable’ utility company stock. Of course the upper echelon of the companies were protected by ‘change of control’ provisions and made millions while their companies went broke. The companies were Montana Power, TouchAmerica, and Northwestern Energy. The kicker is the guy still walks on water in our state.’

☞ If there is another side to this story – as there well may be if he walks on water – I like to think that some other reader in Montana (could I have two?) will offer it.


Jon Frater: ‘Snopes.com [suggested yesterday] is an excellent source of information. I’d also recommend factcheck.org which has been very good in straightening out the recent accusations against Theresa Heinz Kerry regarding her finances and political contributions.’

☞ When it comes to discrediting bogus attacks, there’s also John McCain, who – though a Bush supporter – called the latest one ‘dishonest and dishonorable’ and urged the White House to condemn it. It comes as a book, Unfit to Serve, and in a TV commercial featuring 13 Vietnam vets who did not serve in John Kerry’s swift boat. (Those who did all endorse him.)

We have not heard from President Bush’s comrades in the Alabama Air National Guard . . . no one can seem to remember his being there, or why he failed to show up for his medical exam . . . but, thanks most recently to the Harvard Crimson, we do have an account from one of his Harvard Business School professors. In very small part:

. . . Tsurumi-now a professor of international business at Baruch College in the City University of New York-said he remembers the future president as scoring in the bottom 10 percent of students in the class.

. . . ‘I vividly remember that he made a comment saying that people are poor because they’re lazy,’ Tsurumi said.

. . . ‘All Harvard Business School students want to become president of a company one day,’ Tsurumi said. ‘I remember saying, if you become president of a company some day, may God help your customers and employees.’

☞ Those of you who taught President Bush and hold a different view will be given equal time if you send your recollections.


I think this clip is speaks volumes about how the world works, and why it’s not working better. Even without broadband it shouldn’t take too long to load. If you agree it provides needed insight, cut and paste the URL from your browser and pass it on.

Have a great weekend.


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