Ever hear of it? ‘It’s YouTube – without the crap and the copyright violations,’ says Rolling Stone in its April 5 issue. Now, I happen to be a big fan of YouTube, like everybody else. But, owning a tiny sliver of, it’s nice to see the kudos, which I shamelessly pass along here. You can watch it on-line or find it, maybe, in your cable lineup (e.g., 366 on DirectTV, 196 on DISH, 107 or 125 on Comcast, and more). ‘ . . . the best integration of television and the Internet to date.’


Or you could just add Raines to your Tivo lineup and watch Jeff Goldblum solve murders by talking to dead people. It’s much better than it sounds.

I know, I know – where to I find time to watch TV? Well, you have to make time. That’s the trouble with kids these days: they just don’t watch enough TV.


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