I assume you’ve seen this clip — wherein gay men threaten to marry your girl friends if you stand in the way of marriage equality (“do you even know the difference between hummus and baba ghanoush?” they ask dismissively).  If not, be warned.


Actually, coolest First Lady . . . EVER.  Have you seen her dancing with Jimmy Fallon?


So I’m doing my power walk wondering just how far I’ve gone and realize that would make a great app!  Just click START and let the GPS track your distance until you click STOP.  I’ll be rich!  And then I realize this is such an obvious idea, someone must already have had it.  And there it was.  Minutes later it was mine.  For free, of course.

Not in any way to minimize the squeezing of the middle class — these are tough times (make a note to watch or record “American Winteron HBO March 18) — but how do you measure the quality of life improvement of being able to imagine something useful, find it in seconds, own it in minutes, and then use it for free?

I walked 4.7 miles.



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