Suggested two years ago at $22.70 because of its promising therapy for double chins, Kythera is being bought out at $75 a share.  It’s so nice when one of these works.  Thanks, Guru!


A privately-held company I have an interest in has peer-reviewed studies showing that its exercises sharpen acuity, where crossword puzzles and such do not.

(“Researchers found participants who did just 10 hours of the exercise, with no further training, had gains of 1.5 to 6.6 years across several standard measures of cognition that persisted even a year later. No gains were seen from doing crosswords. . . .“)

Here’s their latest offer:

Thousands of BrainHQ users are powering up their brains with the Daily Spark. Join them this week and invite your friends to join, too! It’s free for everyone—and a great way to sample BrainHQ’s clinically proven brain training.

What is the Daily Spark?
Every weekday, the Daily Spark opens one level of a BrainHQ exercise to all visitors. Play it once to get the feel of it – then again to do your best. Come back the next day for a new level in a different exercise!

Something to pass on to your parents?  Your grandparents?  (A) They will appreciate your thinking of them.  (B) They may be less likely to lose their keys or crash their cars.

Even you might benefit, though I’ve never noticed you to be anything but razor sharp.

(“The study also showed that participants aged 50-64 had gains just as large as those 65 and older. “This suggests that as with physical exercise, anyone can improve at any age,” said Dr. Wolinsky. “And, as with physical exercise, why would you wait until you are old to get into better shape? . . .“)

Have a great weekend!



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