Jim Skinnell: ‘Oh, how wrong you were! Godfather 1 and 2 were both masterpieces – 3 was the weak link. In fact, 2 has been touted by some as the single best sequel ever, and others as being better than the 1st.’

Mike Wallin: ‘They both won best picture Oscars.’

☞ You’re right! I was confused! This can only bode well for Aldabra 2 warrants.

(Several of you asked me for the symbol. The underlying stock is AII; on Yahoo Finance, the warrants are AII-WT. But on Ameritrade, et al, you may need to place your order with a human – this new security does not seem to be up on every quote system.)


Jayson Smith: ‘As a Californian, the most upsetting part of the state’s energy crisis was the pooh-poohing of the conservation efforts we undertook to try to undercut the insane rate hikes. As consumers, that was the only thing we could do – try to use less and beg the government to help us. Governor Gray Davis did what he could (and paid for it with his political career – the $10 billion budget hole was almost exclusively due to measures taken to save us from the energy crisis), but Bush and Cheney told us to ‘go Cheney ourselves’. So it appears at the same time that Cheney was saying it’s all our fault for not building enough supply, he’s suppressing evidence that companies are artificially removing supply (Cheney Suppressed Evidence in California Energy Crisis). Here‘s an old CNN archive article detailing Davis’s reaction to Cheney’s comments.’


We need to take the gloves off, says this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed.


Kids are coming our way, says this report on the Millennial Generation.

The sleeper development that was widely overlooked in the 2006 election was the 22-percentage-point margin of support given to Democrats by 18-29 year-olds, almost all of them members of the up-and-coming Millennial Generation. This was just the latest piece of evidence about a generation that has been trending progressive and increasingly voting Democratic in large numbers. But a comprehensive review of available data from a range of polls and surveys in recent years shows just how fortuitous this generation is for progressives. Millennials are emerging as an enormous asset for progressives going forward – as enormous as the sheer size of this, the largest American generation ever. . . .

☞ Young at heart? Vote Democrat.


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