Geoffrey Rush was robbed. I’m so angry, I’m stammering.

(I do on some level reluctantly recognize that these are actors, not the actual characters they pretend to be; and that it is the best acting that’s meant to be voted for, not the character you most like or admire. But still.)

Otherwise, wonderful as always.


Paul deLespinasse: ‘I was just scanning around on the TV for a minute Saturday morning and ran into the Democratic National Committee meeting under way. There you were. Nice story about your mother. I do wish you guys (and the New York Times) would lay off Citizens United. One small thought: Do you suppose you might want to update your photo on this blog?’

☞ You are so right about the photo. It must now be 40 years old. I kept trying to change it but Charles nixed every choice, promising to take a better one himself but never quite getting around to it. Now I guess I’m free to do it, finally.

If you get a chance to watch the meeting, you’ll see Chief of Staff Bill Daley, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, and Governor Kaine. I especially loved the Governor’s puzzlement over the Republicans’ opposition to Obamacare. ‘I’m glad Obama cares,’ he said. ‘If it’s not Democrats, who is gonna care?’ Not the Republicans. They want to cut taxes for the rich and the social safety net for everyone else. Democrats think that when billionaires are in lower tax brackets than their secretaries and poverty is rising, the pendulum has swung too far.


Just when I thought your collective generosity of spirit had reached its outer limit, one of you, John Leeds (with the support of his wife Michele), proffered a sonnet. (A sonnet!) . . .

For Andy and Charles

Sometimes the most important words are said
In passing; trust these words will stay with thee
Though I have left to live among the dead
I still love you; I know you yet love me
We had our time on earth. The best of days
Will linger like a morning mist ere sun
Has risen. Green, the field will glow with praise
Of countless drops, our love in ev’ry one.
Unknown, though day must come and mist to air
Must go, the dew remains in secret form
Within the field; so trust the dew is there.
Let day come fresh and light, and clear, and warm.
Within this life, within this mystery,
Our love, my Love, will live eternally.

Another of you, Michael Gardner, wrote a haiku. (A haiku!) . . .

Last night’s winter winds
Blew a hole in my roof
Leaving no space between me
And everything

And yet another, John Bell Young, offered his transcription and performance of Mahler’s Adagietto from the Fifth Symphony ‘in the hope it would be comforting.’

Good Lord. I am blown away. Unless you can produce an opera or a sculpture garden, the condolence window is now closed. But with my great thanks.

Tomorrow: Widgets. Watch As China’s Energy Consumption Surpasses Our Own

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