Marketing genius Seth Godin is incredibly generous — here — but I am telling you: you do not want to miss the moose joke.

Almost no one knows how to think about money and investing. Squadrons of people will try to confuse you and rip you off. Many will bore you. But Andrew Tobias [nice stuff, nice stuff, nice stuff; blush].

The brand new edition is right here.

Back story: 32 years ago this month, I had lunch with Andy Tobias. I was pitching him on a partnership, and the meeting had been difficult to get. I was intimidated and soaking wet from running fifty blocks through Manhattan (no Uber!). As I sat in the New York Athletic Club, my cheap suit dripping wet (you can’t take off your jacket at the New York Athletic Club), I tried to break the ice by telling the moose joke.

I told it pretty well, but Andy didn’t crack a smile. Even then, he was a canny negotiator. We never ended up working together, but his book probably did me more good than the project would have. And the story was priceless.

☞ Thank you, Seth!  How could I not have laughed — or partnered with you?  I am, in so many ways, an idiot.

Tom Foley:Speaking of price guarantees [Amazon’s now lowered the price 6 more cents], have you seen Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly? It’s a few dollars back here, a few dollars there, but it’s free and pays for my subscription to your page.”

There’s No Such Thing As a Free Rolex — I sure hope the Supreme Court reads this before they vote on former Virginia Governor McDonnell’s corruption case.  First they allowed money to drown campaigns (Citizens United, then McCutcheon) and now they may legalize bribery? Really??



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