Don’t forget to mail in your second quarterly 2011 estimated income tax today if you’ve had appreciable income on which tax has not been withheld.


Mike Myler: “I enjoyed your piece [from Money, decades ago, about paying to go to a prestigious school]. I’m glad my son didn’t listen to me. He could have gone to S. Illinois Law School free (which I recommended) but he said no, he kept taking the LSAT test and got into U. of Illinois Law School and it is working out well for him. Your column reminded me of a joke that is probably only heard much in the Midwest but everyone (almost) agrees it is true. You walk into an auditorium with 500 men, all of them dressed in business suits – how do you pick out the one who attended Notre Dame? [Long Pause.] You don’t have to . . . he will find you and tell you.”


Very quick. Oh, my. And while we’re at it – yikes! Gad! Not possible! (Thanks Mel.) My own skills are more like this.


New York Times Bob Herbert answered Rachel Maddow persuasively last night, I thought, when she asked why family-values Republicans never called for prostitute-patronizing Senator Vitter or best-friend’s-wife-shagging Senator Ensign – yet Democrats call for Weiner’s resignation. Isn’t that just unilateral disarmament, she asked? Isn’t that just cementing the double standard?

Herbert made several good points. (Realistically, he said – and as unfair as it might be –photos and a problematic last name give Weiner’s story legs the other two stories don’t have). But his most compelling point was that he’d like the Democrats to hold themselves to a higher standard. So he’s glad the Democratic leadership has called for Congressman Weiner’s resignation, even though the Republican leadership, with Vitter and Ensign, did not. I think he has a point; as Rachel Maddow has about the double standard.

Tomorrow: Claptrap!


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