In this 60-second clip, FDR speaks of the opposition party’s “smooth evasion.”  Just as relevant today.  [I posted this Friday but bobbled the link.]


Less to worry about here than we think?  A strong case NOT to jump the gun?  Here is a different perspective on Iran.


Mike Martin:  “Virginia? How about Arizona!  I just got home from a Women for Carmona breakfast with my wife when I read your reader’s appeal for funds in Virginia’s Senate race. Dr. Richard Carmona is running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kyl and is tied in the polls with his opponent. Dr. Carmona is the former Surgeon General of the United States who stood up against the Bush Administration that had appointed him to complain about political pressure ‘preventing him from speaking out on certain public health issues such as embryonic stem cell research, global climate change, emergency contraception, and abstinence-only sex education,’ (per Wikipedia).  What the national Republicans figured out back in the early 1950s with the China Lobby is that a senator is a senator is senator and it is a lot cheaper to fund campaigns in smaller states where they can overwhelm the locals. So I would suggest you encourage people to fund Dr. Carmona where they can receive a great return on their money because only a little could push him over the top.”

Yes!  Yes!

I met Dr. Carmona when he first started running and wrote him a check on the spot.  He . . . is . . . a- . . . mazing.

Mike again: “He started out as a poor Hispanic kid who dropped out of high school and went in the Army.  The Army made him a Special Forces medic.  As a Green Beret in Vietnam he won two Bronze Stars and got two Purple Hearts. After leaving the Army he went to medical school on the G.I. Bill and became a trauma surgeon in Tucson, Arizona, as well as Pima County Deputy Sheriff and a leader of the Sheriff’s SWAT team.  He won a national award for a dramatic rescue where he rappelled from a helicopter to a downed medevac helicopter on a mountainside.”


“When you look at the Ryan budget, tax hikes for the rich can’t be on the table, but we can put on the table Social Security, we can put on the table Medicare, we can put on the table Medicaid.  So we’re really saying: we can’t touch the rich, we can’t touch the elite, but seniors and those that are most vulnerable — they’re up for discussion.  That’s why this election is not about Obama.  It’s about yo mama.” — Al Sharpton, MSNBC



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