The last Clinton to hold office gave us eight years of peace and prosperity.  Then a poorly prepared businessman who wanted to cut taxes for the rich led us into a disastrous war and wrecked the national balance sheet.

Most of the — valid! — frustrations of the Trump people and the Bernie people are the result not of competent Democrats like Clinton/Gore, Obama/Biden, Clinton/Kaine, but of the near-treasonous obstruction of Republicans determined to see Obama fail, whatever the cost to the American people.  They wouldn’t pass the American Jobs Act, to put millions to work revitalizing our crumbling infrastructure; they wouldn’t hike the minimum wage; they wouldn’t enact the comprehensive immigration reform the Senate had passed 68-32; they wouldn’t pass universal background checks; they wouldn’t even hold hearings on Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

It’s true that in the 16 years since Bill Clinton left office, he and Hillary have made a small fortune “capitalizing on their celebrity” (though smaller, between the two of them, than Kim Kardashian has made all by herself).  But as sins go in America, why is their success such a big one? Or a sin at all?  Has anyone found a shred of evidence that they compromised America’s interests?  (Or failed to pay their taxes?)

And does it matter that while Trump was building and bankrupting casinos — gambling arguably wrecks more lives than it enriches — the Clintons were working to solve global health, poverty, environmental and human rights problems?

With that in mind, I offer Kevin Drum’s, “Sigh. Yet Another Non-Scandal at the Clinton Foundation.” In part:

. . . Go ahead and read the whole thing. There’s really nothing even remotely blurry or scandalous or shady or anything else. It’s just the standard way anyone operates who has multiple interests, multiple funding sources, and staffers who do work for multiple organizations. There’s no hint that any of the charges were incorrect, or that any of the purchases were misallocated. As near as I can tell, it was all entirely above board, and the GSA was actively involved in scrutinizing everything.

Basically, the reason for headlines like this is because Bill Clinton decided after his presidency to set up a large and active foundation that raised a ton of money for exceptionally worthy causes around the world. If he had decided to just lounge around instead, none of this would ever have come up. It’s a little hard to believe that he’s getting so much grief for this. . . .

Hillary is not perfect; only you and I are.  But she’s spent her entire life trying to help others . . . will be the best-prepared candidate ever to assume the presidency . . . and will be surrounded by really smart people, not thugs, able to continue the progress of the Clinton years, which George W. Bush set back; and of the Obama years, which the Republican Congress did all it could to impede.

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