DOW 6,500

Joey: “The minute I read 3,500, I knew we’d reached the bottom (or at least close).”

☞ I had the same thought – and boy do I hope you’re right. We have a terrific Administration focused on putting Americans to work doing the work America needs done. That is the nub of it, and promises a stronger, more prosperous, energy-independent country a decade from now. Whatever happens in the market, if we’re smart about it, and work together, America’s best days do indeed lie ahead of us, as Warren Buffett notes time again.


Yesterday, Barack Obama reversed eight years of leaning against embryonic stem cell research.

This is huge.

I know you already know it, but it deserves mention anyway.

There is no guarantee, but a reasonable likelihood, that embryonic stem cell research will lead to spectacular advances in medicine.

If someone you love should ever need one of these advances, that need is likely to be desperate, and it will be a matter of more than theoretical importance whether it had been achieved in time. It could be the difference between life and death, paralysis and freedom, happiness and despair.

If he or she should miss the cure by a year or two – as thousands, if not millions, will – the policy of the last eight will be to blame. If they should make it by a year or two, yesterday’s action may be the reason why.

(It might also be noted, as we look for 21st Century industries in which America can generate profit and employment, that yesterday’s action unties a hand from behind our back.)


I have a modest proposal. Could we all just go back to working? And focusing?

Or, when appropriate, working “hard” or “well” or “joyously” or “creatively”? Focusing “intently”? (Though isn’t that what focusing is?)

Please, people.

STEVEN WRIGHT (thanks Peter)

“If any of you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.”


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