Some months ago, I waxed enthusiastic over My Yahoo. Well, today let me re-wax that one, but shine it even a little brighter. Yahoo now has a clickable “GET LOCAL” near the top of that page (or at the bottom of the general Yahoo “home” page). If you click it, here’s what you get: a place to enter your zip code and then select from all manner of stuff.

Example: MovieLink, which you’ll find in the list on the left. Click that and you can find out what’s playing near you (without that annoying HELLO! AND WELCOME TO MOVIE PHONE! some of us know well). Then, click and get a New York Times review of the movie — and so on.

Weather, restaurants, maps . . . you get the idea.

Many of you are miles ahead of me on all this. But for those websters just feeling their way, like me — check it out.

Tomorrow: More Phone Savings?



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