Steve Sapka: ‘Have you tried Pandora? Pick all your favorite artists and it plays a mix for you – free!’

☞ I’m not sure Pandora is what I’d name a box I wanted people to open, but it’s most cool nonetheless. You set up ‘channels’ – I set up one for Tom Rush – and it offers music it thinks you will like by other artists as well. Like your own private commercial-free radio station with a DJ who knows just what you like. You can thumbs up or down its selections and it gets smarter. I liked Bob Dylan of course and Gordon Lightfoot – but who’s this David Bromberg? Ralph McTell? Well, turns out I liked them, too.

And all this can be streamed on your iPhone. So I set up a channel for high energy stuff to use exercising. And then some more channels – hey, this is free and easy, perfect for the challenging economic times ahead.


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